Clinch: A Novel by Zachary Bartels

Batman Has Gotham.
Superman Has Metropolis.
Judith Has Clinch Rock, Population: 2,904.

Cover image from Clinch: A Novel by Zachary Bartels

Superheroes aren’t real.
But before the summer ends, Trent’s going to wish they were.

For Trenton Marsh, life is getting complicated. Ever since his police chief dad went back to school, the two of rarely see each other. And while Trent has managed to somehow catch the interest of Zoe, the intriguing new girl in town, he is quickly realizing just how out of his league she really is. Meanwhile, the formerly harmless quirks of his best friend, Judith, are becoming cause for concern as she becomes ever more determined to transform herself into a real-life superhero.

Just when Trenton starts getting Judith back on the road to sanity, a string of bizarre break-ins disrupts the quiet town of Clinch Rock. Nothing is missing, but it’s clear that someone is looking for something. And when Trent discovers a secret room and a dusty journal in the basement of his house—which once belonged to a 19th century lumber baron—he finds himself inadvertently feeding Judith’s new obsession with solving crimes and dispensing justice.

But it soon becomes frighteningly clear that the would-be thieves will stop at nothing to get their hands on the lumber baron’s substantial riches, propelling Trent and Judith into a frantic race against time and a shadowy group of treasure hunters to solve a century-old mystery before it’s too late.







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