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Two serialized stories: one true, one not.

S01 Chapter 01, “I promise, it won’t kill you.” (6/20/2017)

In the premier, Trenton Marsh scrambles to save his life and make a connection with Zoe, while Zach puts all his cards on the table.

S01 Chapter 02, “Hungry like the wolf” (6/27/2017)

Zach fails to communicate, while Trenton feels things piling up.

S01 Chapter 03, “Superhero Edition” (7/4/2017)

Trenton misses a connection with Zoe and has a troubling reunion with Judith. Zach analyzes chiasms.

S01 Chapter 04, “Scuttlebutt” (7/11/2017)

Worlds collide for Trenton while Zach attends an unironic awards gala.

S01 Chapter 05, “A Little Suspish (7/18/2017)

Chief Marsh makes a difficult decision and Zach is dipped in Bubonic Plague.

S01 Chapter 06, “Zeal for the Past” (7/26/2017)

Trenton learns some dark secrets about Clinch Rock’s history while Zach draws some conclusions about his own.

S01 Chapter 07, “Leg Irons and Weights” (8/2/2017)

Trenton has an ephiphany. Zach apparently loves cults.

S01 Chapter 08, “C.F.B.” (8/9/2017)

Trenton and Judith go underground while Zach talks power couples.

S01 Chapter 09, “Beneath the Fire” (8/16/2017)

Trent and Judith take up an ancient quest, while Zach gets in touch with his feminine side.

S01 Chapter 10, “A Sudden, Horrible Realization” (8/23/2017)

Trent goes deeper, while Zach talks indie pubs.

S01 Chapter 11, “Two for the Price of Two” (8/30/2017)

Zach wants questions; Judith wants answers.

S01 Chapter 12, “Ox Goad” (9/13/2017)

Zach whispers at editors, while Judith yells at Zoe.

S01 Chapter 13, “Servants’ Quarters” (9/21/2017)

Trenton is kicked while down. Zach talks natural ingredients.

S01 Chapter 14, “Nothing But Trouble” (9/28/2017)

Zach asks, What does success look like? while Judith asks, Am I free to go?

S01 Chapter 15, “Pinky Swear” (10/06/2017)

Zach defends outlining, while Adam follows a dangerous lead.

S01 Excursus A, “Book Release Day” (10/12/2017)

Zach talks book release expectations vs. reality, while Danny is delivered yet again.

S01 Chapter 16, “Ordinary” (10/27/2017)

Zach puts you to sleep. Adam finally wakes up.

S01 Excursus B, “Senior Detective” (11/3/2017)

Zach speaks at a book launch and Corrinne isn't too old for this.

S01 Chapter 17, “Intruder” (11/3/2017)

Trent hunkers down.

S01 Chapter 18, “Birthright” (11/10/2017)

Trenton doesn’t know who to trust. Zach shares the universe.

S01 Chapter 19, “A Kiss Goodbye” (11/20/2017)

Chaz grows his platform while Trent goes back on the grid.

S01 Chapter 20, “The Devil’s Tail” (12/1/2017)

Zach feels slimy while Trent runs for his life.

S01 Chapter 21, “Double-Back” (12/9/2017)

Zach spreads good news while Trenton arms himself.

S01 Chapter 22, “A Plan, and Not a Bad One” (12/15/2017)

Noel cons Santa; Trent takes the plunge.

S01 Excursus C, “Crying He Makes” (12/20/2017)

The Messiah is born in Bethlehem; the Jesuits Militant unravel a mystery in Detroit.

S01 Chapter 23, “A Different Prayer Altogether” (1/12/2018)

Mike has low-grade residual guilt. Trenton feels lighter.

S01 Chapter 24, “Old Growth” (1/20/2018)

Noah launches. Trent is sinking.

S01 Chapter 25, “The Girlfriend Seat” (1/29/2018)

Indie publishing evolves while Judith goes on the offensive.

S01 Chapter 26, “Amateur Vigilante Shenanigans” (2/16/2018)

Marissa goes full-speed-ahead and Jason serves a purpose.

S01 Chapter 27, “Quicker Than Cigarettes” (2/24/2018)

Zach checks your goals; Judith makes a break for it.

S01 Chapter 28, “Be Gentle with Me” (3/16/2018)

Ted remembers the magic; things don't work out for Danny.

S01 Excursus D, “Then Came Sunday” (3/29/2018)

Satan’s weekend is a bit of a rollercoaster.

S01 Chapter 29, “Shots Fired” (4/12/2018)

Zach has so many podcast; Trent reaches the end of the line.

S01 Chapter 30, “A Real Side-Splitter” (5/2/2018)

Erin’s odds are 50/50; Judith seeks to settle a score.

S01 Chapter 31, “High Ground” (5/18/2018)

Zach hatches a diabolical scheme; Trenton feels the squeeze.

S01 Chapter 32, “Peavey” (6/4/2018)

In the finale, Zach and Judith wrap things up.

S02 Episode 01, “Go Green,” pt. 1 (10/26/2018)

In the season premier, Zach goes amateur, while the perfect heist falls apart.

S02 Episode 02, Marissa Shrock, “Deadly Homestead” (10/26/2018)

Marissa has no regrets, while Georgia solves a 19th Century murder.

S02 Episode 03, Diann Mills, Burden of Proof  (10/26/2018)

Diann helps authors go social, while April is drawn into a complicated situation.

S02 Episode 04, Erin Bartels, “Ninety-Eight”  (1/4/2019)

Erin finds validation and the class of ’98 gets back together.

S02 Episode 05, Gordon Korman, Fiction Mastermind  (7/10/2019)

Zach and Calvin interview their literary hero.

S02 Episode 06, E.C. Farrell, “Marbles”  (7/10/2019)

Twitter helps E.C. keep writing and a young boy finds his marbles..

S02 Episode 07, Zachary Bartels, “Go Green,”Pt. 2  (7/10/2019)

Zach goes all-in with audio while Judith saves the day.