Two serialized stories: one true, one not.

S01 Chapter 05, “A Little Suspish (7/18/2017)

Chief Marsh makes a difficult decision and Zach is dipped in Bubonic Plague.

S01 Chapter 04, “Scuttlebutt” (7/11/2017)

Worlds collide for Trenton while Zach attends an unironic awards gala.

S01 Chapter 03, “Superhero Edition” (7/4/2017)

Trenton misses a connection with Zoe and has a troubling reunion with Judith. Zach analyzes chiasms.

S01 Chapter 02, “Hungry like the wolf” (6/27/2017)

Zach fails to communicate, while Trenton feels things piling up.

S01 Chapter 01, “I promise, it won’t kill you.” (6/20/2017)

In the premier, Trenton Marsh scrambles to save his life and make a connection with Zoe, while Zach puts all his cards on the table.