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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to read a short interview with Zachary from FamilyFiction.com.  


Why more stories involving demon possession and the occult? Doesn’t that just shine more light on evil instead of good?

This is a legitimate question. In many cases, I believe that films, books, etc. with this sort of supernatural bent do wind up unintentionally glorifying the forces of darkness. However, when my books deal with these topics, they expose that particular trap, rather than falling into it. One of the major themes of the Parker Saint books is how we tend to limit our idea of evil to that which is overtly frightening / disturbing / offensive, while the most dangerous evils slip in unnoticed. I am very careful not to grant the devil and his angels any “sexiness,” and to give all the glory to God in the end.

What are you working on now?

I’ve got multiple irons in the proverbial fire at the moment. First is a young adult suspense novel, working title: Clinch. It’s about a small town with very little crime, where a high schooler decides she’s feeling “called” to be the local masked superhero . . . just in time for a centuries-old, sinister conspiracy to come to the fore. I’ve also begun work on the sequel to Playing Saint, which is not yet titled. (You can weigh in on the title if you haven’t already by clicking here). Projected release date is October 30, 2017. Finally, I’m shopping around a non-fiction book called Out of Sardis about how we view success in the church and how to avoid an ancient satanic trap that feeds our pride while stealing the lampstand out from under us.

What’s Gut Check Press up to?

Most recently we’ve put out The Gut Check Guide to Publishing.. You can check get the paperback from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Also, the Gut Check Podcast continues to grow in popularity. It’s a niche-of-a-niche, but if you like it, you’ll love it.

How has pastoring a church made you a better writer?

After Christ and my family, my congregation is the most important thing in my life. Ministering to them has very much helped continue to form me into who I am and who I am becoming. As far as writing goes, I’ve seen firsthand just how clearly God is working in the lives of everyday people and how everyone has a story worth hearing if it’s told in a compelling way, with an emphasis on the right elements.

What happened to 42 Months Dry?

So I get occasional e-mails asking why 42 Months Dry is no longer available. The answer is that I’ve actually done my best to essentially “unpublish” it. I think I’ve been pretty successful, too, as the only used copies on Amazon are listed for hundreds of dollars. (Seriously, though, don’t pay that.) The reason for all this is that I have designs to expand and re-write the story of Eli-Jah Tishbi as a trilogy. Keep checking back for news on when you can expect to see that.